About Us

Dreez, huh?

The name Dreez comes from the owner’s grandmother Clara Hadlock.  Clara would spend many work nights and weekends watching her granddaughter Audrey play softball in Elko. She was a huge supporter and loved to cheer. During each game she would find herself trying to shout out, “Go Audrey” but it just didn’t seem to have the ring she was looking for so she took Audrey’s name and nicknamed her “Dreezer.”  It instantly took and soon everyone used that name on and off the field.  Over time the name was shortened even more to Dreez.  To this day if you ask any local where the name Dreez comes from they can tell you it all started with Grandma Clara cheering at the softball field.

Dreez was established in May of 2017 and offers an American-style breakfast and lunch seven days a week from 7am – 2pm.

Iron Horse


Frenchman and a Redneck

This location was formerly known as Redneck and Frenchman for a couple of years but mainly known for being a Basque restaurant called Biltoki for well over 30 years. Prior to the buildings famous Basque dining experience, it was popularly well known in the 70’s as a place to grab pizza called the Iron Horse. 

The history and roots of this building are deep and go way back but most importantly are the people that kept these businesses thriving which then overtime allowed the changes that needed to be done so that Dreez could open in May of 2017. 

It is now operated by the current owners Jonathan and Audrey Karr who bought Telescope Lanes in August of 2007 and currently has expanded it with incorporating the Blind Onion Pizzeria and Cold Stone Creamery.